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Our purpose is in making it easier for others to travel and explore new destinations. 

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"I was able to take my daughter to Hawaii for less than half of what I thought"

As a working father, I'm very limited to traveling because I'm either too busy or can't afford it. With Embarcks, I'm always getting deals on travels of all kinds. Aside from flight deals, they also provide you general pricing information on what you'd spend separately from your flight which is extremely helpful for me when budgeting my trips. Perhaps my most favorite part about Embarcks is that they make it realistic for just about anyone to travel anywhere they want. I never would've known I could've taken my daughter to Hawaii for so cheap! 

Jordan M.

Premium Member


$850 flights only

$350 Roundtrip +

$80/day all travel costs

"I save hundreds of dollars and hours of time on each trip and spend less than $5 for it!"

I booked flights from LAX to Oslo, Norway for only $250 using Embarcks. Even after booking flights, the email they send gives perfect examples of places to stay for cheap, best ways to get around, things to do, and tons of other tips and tricks! The amount of value contained in the premium subscription is no question worth the small amount to pay.

Jamie H.

Premium Member

Sweden + Norway

$1,350 flights only

$380 Roundtrip +

$70/day all travel costs

"My husband and I toured around Italy and had a blast!"

Traveling to Europe was such a cultural experience that my husband and I wanted to do it for years! Embarcks not only found us amazing flights there, but also made the entire planning process so much easier + enjoyable! 

Thank you Embarcks!

Chelsea + David D.

Premium Member

Italy + France 

$950 flights only

$550 Roundtrip +

$55/day all travel costs

"Getting deals on flights is helpful but Embarcks seriously takes it to the next level"

As a frequent traveler, I love getting deals on flights but Embarcks provides wayyy more than just that.  Embarcks helped me every step of the way during my travels to Austria! Though I already enjoy the research aspect to planning a trip, Embarcks just makes it that much more fun and easy to find those deals and inside information.

Sariah K.

Premium Member


$1,350 flights only

$380 Roundtrip +

$70/day all travel costs

We absolutely love Embarcks! The emails they send my family make it so easy to plan our next vacation. We've saved hundreds of dollars on flights and hotels and hours of research for our travels. Not only that, I look forward to seeing each new email that pops in my inbox as it introduces me to so many places I never thought I'd visit!

Samantha B.

Premium Member

I was skeptical about paying premium at first, but I had to try it out since it was so cheap. Definitely worth it! Embarcks not only saves me hundreds each trip, but also gives me a place to centralize all my travel research. I was never very organized planning my travels but Embarcks has made it incredibly easy.

Nick C.

Premium Member

I've subscribed to flight deal companies before but Embarcks just takes it to the next level. The flight deals are good, but all the other info and deals on hotels, things to do, transportation, and overall travel tips makes it a no brainer for a traveler.

Taylor R.

Premium Member

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