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What makes you different than your competitors?

Our competitors only focus on flight deals. We realize that even if a flight is cheap, there are a number of other factors to travel. Finding a place to stay, things to do, transportation, and everything else can add up really fast. ​We send out deals on EVERYTHING. We make sure that your whole trip is a deal, not just your flight. 

Why do you give this travel info away?

Traveling is amazing. Our main goal is to simplify your travel experience by providing all your necessary travel research in one central email while also saving you money. Most people think traveling to exotic destinations is super expensive. We get people out and traveling for a fraction of the cost of what their expectations are. 

What kind of deals should I expect?

We pick the top 100 travel locations in the world and send out flight deals from the USA to these destinations. Most of the deals are 30%-70% off the normal prices. With hotels and transportation, we try and find deals around 50% off. You will also receive tips on what to do on your vacation. 


Will you send deals from my city?

We chose the top 17 airports to send deals from. Here's a list of the airports we chose. 


SLC (Salt Lake City)

LAX (Los Angeles)

DEN (Denver)

JFK (New York)

EWR (New York)

SFO (San Francisco)

SEA (Seattle)

LAS (Las Vegas)

MCO (Orlando)

PHX (Phoenix)

ATL (Atlanta)

DFW (Dallas)

ORD (Chicago)

BOS (Boston) 

AUS (Austin)

MIA (Miami)

MSP (Minneapolis)

If you don't see your city here follow us on Instagram. We are slowly expanding to new cities. We announce new cities on our Instagram. 

​How do we get the deals?

All our deals will be sent out in an email. 

How many emails should I expect?

Premium Members - Premium members get 3-5 emails a week with all the information. Flights, hotels, transportation, things to do, etc..

Free Members - Free members get 25% of just flight deals. Usually about 1-2 emails a week. 

Do you offer domestic deals? (Deals traveling within the USA)

Yes, about 1/3 of our deals are domestic deals. 

Are you going to spam my inbox?

No, we only send out emails with the travel deals. (If you are a free member you will receive the occasional discount emails on premium.)

Is my credit card information secure?

Yes, we use stripe! Payments are processed by Stripe using AES-256 encryption technology, which is trusted by companies like Adidas, Best Buy, Facebook, and many others.

Premium - How much could a premium subscription save me?

Most of our members save an average of $500 on each trip they take. 

Premium - Can I cancel my premium subscription?

Yes, please visit

Premium - I've recently signed up but can't Login to my account?

If you've signed up, please click here and create your password. 

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