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Embarcks Founder Trevor Akimoto in Preikestolen, Norway

Our goal is to guide people to become the world travelers they've only dreamt of

Our Story

I was always fascinated with the idea of leaving home to go explore somewhere new. Even as a 6 year old, my favorite memory was hopping on an airplane from SLC to go explore this far away place called "California"! Now I'm almost 30 and safe to say I know the ins and outs of traveling efficiently. I've gone on 30+ international trips around the world, mostly all on super tight budgets that required countless hours of researching deals on flights, places to stay, and how to get around. Boston to Iceland $189 round trip, Las Vegas to Oslo $389 rt, LAX to Tokyo $429 rt, even Salt Lake to Fiji for $850 round trip are to name a few flight deals I've found and booked. But getting there for cheap is only part of the story...

As a traveler, one must consider : 

- How to get there

- Where to stay

- How to get around

- What to do

- What to eat 

And perhaps most importantly...


How Much Will It All Cost?

This is where Embarcks comes in. My team and I have found a way to give travelers all their destination research needs simplified into one centralized email. Embarcks is much more than flight deals. We take it several steps further by providing you with all your travel research needs. 

I invite you to let us help and inspire you along your travel journey...

- Trevor Akimoto

Our Family

Trevor Akimoto
Founder and CEO
- SLC, Utah
Jennifer Bybee
Customer Service Lead
- Venice, California
Nick Marz
Marketing & Operations
- Orem, Utah
Sohini Dee
Lead Research
- New York City
Jess Sturdham
Research Expert
- Bay Area, California
Dennis Akimoto
Senior Advisor
- SLC, Utah

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